Jack Morris Auto Glass: A Look Through Time


The Jack Morris Auto Glass story began when Jack Morris’ father-in-law, B.F. Howard, created the Auto Glass Company with two partners on October 16, 1951 with a shop at 663 Madison Avenue in Downtown Memphis near Sun Studio. At this time, Jack was a zone manager at International Harvester traveling back and forth from Memphis to Union City, Tennessee. Upon hearing the news that IH wanted to transfer him to Chicago, Jack decided that this opportunity was a deal breaker because he loved living in Tennessee. In 1955, Benjamin Franklin Howard convinced Jack to work at his small glass company, which was among the first companies in the nation to focus exclusively on auto glass. Within a year, Jack became the president and started to gain the confidence of car dealers and insurance agencies. Jack moved the company to better quarters just down the street to 619 Madison Avenue.


After B.F. Howard passed away in 1971, Jack became the sole shareholder and named the business Jack Morris Auto Glass to leverage the growing goodwill of his name in the community. Within a few years, he had built the company into the largest supplier of auto glass services in Tennessee. He developed the slogan “We’re not big enough to afford unhappy customers” and encouraged customers to call him personally if they were dissatisfied. Jack continued to grow the company in the 70’s and 80’s by moving his first shop’s location to 1945 Union Avenue, opening up another on 800 Mt. Moriah, and being one of the first companies to introduce mobile auto glass service.

In addition to being a great business leader, Jack was involved in many organizations in the city of Memphis and the glass industry. The list of Jack’s civic and auto glass industry involvement is too long to list, but it includes serving a term in the Tennessee House of Representatives and serving as the president of the National Glass Dealers Association.


Jack’s oldest son, John Morris, joined the business in 1988 after a successful career as a civil engineer and executive at the Pickering engineering firm. Early on, John’s focus was to expand the company to serve other areas while keeping the same family business values. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, he grew the glass company from two shops to eight. Jack Morris Auto Glass currently has four shops in Memphis and two others located in Tennessee; they are located in Jackson and Nashville. The most recent shop was opened up in Paducah, Kentucky.

Even though a growing company, Jack Morris Auto Glass still remains true to its roots of never being big enough to afford an unhappy customer. As a family owned and operated company, Jack Morris Auto Glass has always been committed to a culture of service, always doing what is right by the customer, even if it costs the company money. The company’s golden rule is to treat customers the way the family owners and employees would want to be treated.

Over the years, many members of the Morris family have worked in this family business. In 2016, Jack’s youngest son, Paul Morris, joined the family business after a successful career in law and public service. Also working in the business are Jack’s son-in-law, Wayne Burkett, and Jack’s grandsons, Jeff Burkett and Buck Morris, John’s son. Jack and John continue serving the business, making sure the company’s values and culture of customer service stay strong. In addition to the Morris family, Jack Morris Auto Glass has many dedicated, long-time employees who are part of this family business and share the same company values. Jack Morris always teaches that the best way to make sure the customers are treated right is to treat the employees right.