ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are being added to more and more new cars. This early phase technology helps drivers stay in their lanes or brake automatically in an emergency, among other safety and convenience features. It is predicted that these systems will eventually advance to the point where cars virtually drive themselves.

Current ADAS technology relies upon cameras that are often mounted on the windshield. Jack Morris Auto Glass technicians are very familiar with these systems because we have replaced more windshields with ADAS in our market area than any of our competitors. We are able to keep most ADAS cameras calibrated after glass replacement, but some ADAS cameras need to be recalibrated by the dealer after a windshield is replaced. Other ADAS cameras don’t need to be recalibrated because either they are mounted on the body of the vehicle instead of the windshield or because they are designed to self-calibrate. 

When dealer recalibration is required after an insurance-covered windshield replacement, we will contact the dealer, get the recalibration authorized by the insurer, and provide the customer with a Purchase Order to have the recalibration performed. This way the insured customer doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for the recalibration or try to file the insurance claim for the recalibration separately on their own. As always, we will work with the customer to make the job as convenient and easy as possible instead of leaving the burden on the customer or insurance agent’s office.

As this technology continues to evolve and advance, we will stay on top of it and adjust our practices accordingly to keep making customers happy and making life easier for insurance agents’ offices. Although ADAS is new, we’ve been dealing successfully with changes in car glass since 1951. That’s why we are the leading auto glass company in our market area.