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Coronavirus COVID-19

Service Plan for novel Coronavirus COVID-19

We deliver auto glass services to your driveway or parking lot. You can stay at least six feet away from us while we work on your car using our disposable, single-use safety gloves. Broken auto glass is unsafe. Your safety is our top priority.

Jack Morris Auto Glass is doing its part to protect our community by taking aggressive precautions while continuing to serve our customers who need us. We provide an essential safety service to our community. People need to be able to drive their cars for essentials, and it’s our job to keep their cars safe. The glass in your car serves many essential safety functions, and your auto glass must be properly repaired or replaced to maintain your safety.

Jack Morris Auto Glass is following all recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the local health departments where we operate. The CDC has issued detailed guidance for workplaces, and we are implementing this guidance. Every day we check with the CDC and our local health departments for their latest guidance, and we implement it immediately.

To best protect our employees and customers, we are encouraging the use of our mobile service. We will come to your home or workplace to replace or repair your auto glass so that you do not have to come to our shop. We use disposable, single-use safety gloves, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and we can replace or repair your auto glass while keeping our social distance from you and your family. We do not need to come inside your home or business. We have suspended hand shaking and any other person-to-person contacts. And we encourage you to leave your keys in your car instead of handing them to us. We can let you know when the job is done so that you may retrieve your keys. We will call you to coordinate before arriving at your home or business, so please let us know of any special requests or concerns.

If you choose to come to our shop, rest assured we are frequently cleaning and disinfecting our work environment and customer areas and washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. All of our technicians are using disposable, single-use safety gloves on your vehicle. We are eliminating any person-to-person contacts and maintaining social distancing practices. We have paid leave available to all our employees, and anyone exhibiting any symptoms is not allowed to be at work.

We have been family owned and operated since 1951. As a small business, we greatly appreciate the support of our local community. As people drive less, we realize our business will suffer, but we are committed to supporting our employees and serving those customers that need us. Your safety is our top priority.


From the CDC: