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Family Owned and Operated Since 1951

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are a small, family business. We are not big enough to afford an unhappy customer or an unhappy employee. Our mission has three parts: 

1.    Happy Employees. We aim to be a good and supportive place to work and earn a living for all employees. We have a family atmosphere, and we help each other out. We empower our employees to solve problems. We want each employee to have the opportunity to be happy working at Jack Morris Auto Glass for many years.

2.    Happy Customers. We are a service company. Our customers need our help. We go out of our way to help our customers in their times of need. We act with a sense of urgency to solve our customers' problems. We make our customers happy. We don’t advertise, so we rely upon our happy customers referring us new customers.  

3.    Healthy Margins. There is no mission without margin. We must operate efficiently and profitably so that we may sustain our business and keep making employees and customers happy.