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We don't cut corners on safety, and you shouldn't either.

The windshield is a critical part of your vehicle’s safety system and must be selected and installed correctly to help save your life. Your airbag system will not work correctly if your windshield is not installed correctly. Glass in modern vehicles accounts for up to 30% of the vehicle's structural integrity. In a roll-over crash, a properly installed windshield will help prevent your vehicle’s roof from caving in.  And in a collision, a properly installed windshield is designed to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle. A cracked windshield can diminish the structural integrity of the vehicle as well.

It’s more expensive to install your windshield correctly because a technician must be extensively trained and use higher quality materials and equipment. The auto glass industry is not heavily regulated or licensed, and unfortunately most auto glass shops cut corners by using less expensive materials and equipment or by foregoing important, but costly, training. The customers may not know the difference until they are in an accident and it is too late. There have been many cases where people have been injured or killed due to an improperly installed windshield.

Cick here to watch the video produced by ABC’s 20/20 news show to learn more about the risks posed by auto glass shops that cut corners on safety to save money.

At Jack Morris Auto Glass, your safety is our top priority, and we will not cut corners to cut costs. All of our technicians are extensively trained and certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. We prohibit the use of less expensive methods, equipment, and adhesives that could jeopardize our customer’s safety. Even though it increases our costs, we want to make sure your windshield works the way your car’s manufacturer designed it to work in case of an accident.

At Jack Morris, your windshield is bonded with premium, half-hour cure urethane adhesive from DOW Automotive, which is used by car manufacturers and tested to pass Federal Retention and Roof Crush Tests.

We always offer competitive pricing and the best value to our customers, but sometimes we are willing to lose a customer who insists upon a cheaper price. We could do like some auto glass shops and offer the cheaper price by using lesser quality methods, equipment or adhesives, but we are not willing to sacrifice safety to get an extra dollar.

When it comes to safety, we are not willing to cut corners, and you shouldn’t either.


AGSC Certified Technicians

All of Jack Morris Auto Glass’ technicians are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and use factory certified urethane systems to bond the windshield to your vehicle. Click here to learn more about AGSC and how your windshield, properly installed, is critical to your safety.


We use the best products in the Industry

BETASEAL glass bonding adhesives are recognized as the technology leader in glass bonding by both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the Aftermarket.

BETASEAL glass bonding adhesives have a long history of innovation. Over 85% of North American OEMs use BETASEAL™ adhesives, more than 60% globally.

Click the link to learn more from our Adhesive supplier