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Windshield Repair

Jack Morris Auto Glass repairs rock chips on all vehicles.

Jack Morris Auto Glass has successfully repaired thousands of windshields, saving customers time and money. Contact us to find out if your windshield can be repaired safely. 

The purpose of a windshield repair is to prevent a larger break in your glass; it will seal the damaged area and in most cases prevent the crack from spreading farther. This procedure will not make the damage completely disappear; however, it usually looks a lot better afterwards.

What can safely be repaired?

  • A chip that is no larger than the size of a quarter
  • Small nicks and dings
  • Outside of the driver's vision

What's the purpose of the repair?

  • To keep the break from spreading
  • To improve appearance
  • To save money & time

The windshield repair process requires pressure, so there is always a slight chance that the break can spread during the repair. Don’t worry! The money spent on the repair will be counted as a credit towards a windshield replacement.

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Here are a few examples of what a repairable rock peck looks like: